What’s the Rent a Room Scheme

The Rent a Room Scheme is a great way to earn money tax free, to meet your mortgage repayments or live that little bit better.

Under the Rent a Room Scheme, you can earn up to €14,000 (2017) or €12,000 (2015/2016)  and €10,000 in previous years per year tax free from renting out one or more rooms in your house.

You also do not have to register the tenancy with the PRTB (Private Residential Tenancies Board) or pay Property Tax

Tax and the Rent a Room Scheme

Rent a room Relief Student

  • As a Landlord, you can claim up to €14,000 tax free under this scheme.
  • Between levies, PRSI and income tax, this can save you €5,600 a year in savings on your taxbill – very tax efficient that!
  • While the rent is tax free, you do have to declare it through a Tax Return.
  • If you are getting a means test social assistance payment, this income is taken into account.

We can offer a service of completing the tax return on your behalf. Please contact us at rentalincome@redoak.ie